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John Cleese - a lecture on Creativity  
07:27pm 15/11/2012

John Cleese - a lecture on Creativity from janalleman on Vimeo.

Found this vid, thought it was fantastic, and a bit helpful.
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He He  
11:37pm 17/02/2012
Guess who just bought 4 tickets to Distant Worlds Adelaide?

Xinn, Sel, Z and I are now officially going to the 8pm show November 24th. (Xinn, you'd better be in the country, lol, or i'll have to hunt you down try find another FF fan :S )

Rough plan is to take the bus to Adelaide, and stay in a hotel (we can figure out the details at a later date) means we don't have to worry about fuel, or tired drivers, or airports.

according to the seat numbers and the map, we're nearly directly in front of the stage, about 2/3rds of the way up the stand, should be cool!
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04:49pm 27/03/2011
Picspam for ff_land
inspired by the end of the 30 day meme

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08:15pm 13/02/2011
So! I don't believe i've been on Lj since '07 and it hasn't changed much since then, still, don't expect me to update frequently, especially since this month i've banned myself from the internet (doing so well with that.) at the moment i am trying to better myself, mostly by fixing my eating habits and trying to get fit.
looking back i notice that most of my posts were really quite boring and screamed TEEN. You may notice that i deleted alot of my previous posts, and left some of the more interesting or strange ones, i hope to write better posts, if ever i do again.
for now though, inspiration has alluded me.
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music: glen miller - in the mood
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of dreams and randomness  
10:54am 18/08/2007
i had a bunch of weird dreams last night. first, there was this weird blob chasing a giant malteaser down a crowded street, then, there was a dream where i was a vampire and i got put in a giant cage thing... then it was a game i was playing where you had to kill final fantasy characters with only the weakest weapons available in order to kill off organization XIII members, but my team managed to break into the rules room and unlock all of the stronger weapons... i chose a weird looking gunblade, but there was also some sort of sludge whip :P blerg...
hm, i'm thinking of making some backgrounds... just for the fun of it.
i'm getting bored with the current one anyway...
hehe! you-tube is fun! my internet was always too slow before to bother with it but now, i'm hooked!

well, i'm off to have more fun!
until next time i post!
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mood: la lala la lala lala la la
music: potter puppet pals
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hate everything?  
03:59pm 05/04/2007
i don't really know what to write... i feel like i should post, haven't written anything in ages... so what's happening now? well, we went to melb tuesday, that was much fun, altho we didn't meet up with ash and the other group for lunch, we had sushi! and ramen! t'was great, weird, but great nonetheless! and tiz couldn't use chopsticks XD it was funny... cassie was trying to teach her, i think she failed.
then we went to box hill and i showed everyone my fave anime shops! heh heh, ... went on 5 trains that day, wasn't all that bad, i quite like trains, as long as there's people to talk to... :) stayed at sammy's afterwards, we watched movies, and comedy shows, that too was amusing, altho we were all kinda tired.
now, i'm rather bored, and really cold, everyone but me (mum, india, bastard and son of bastard) are going to apollo bay for the weekend so... the house is mine!! they're leaving now, good, idiots, india and i are going to dads for the second week, the day after she comes back, so she'd better bloody be ready or i'm gonna flog 'er! grr... heh, haven't been to dads in a while, i blame school, damn school, i want to draw more, i suppose i just could, but i'd get in deep shit. (rolls eyes) i hate my maths teacher too, he's an annoying little man... must stop ranting... blerg ... bye bye!
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mood: mehmeh
music: american pie
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02:35pm 26/10/2006
gyar ... Vet is SOooOoOoOo boring right now .... i miss poking tiz ... *poke* he he he ;p
urgh ... so bored ...
hmm ... should be learning how to write html for webpages ... maybe then i can make a better Lj layout ... hmm ... maybe ... if i can be bothered ...
YAR!! frriday tomorrow! great! and then bring on the weekend!!
urgh but before that ... i have yet another maths sac tomorrow .... another fail no doubt ...
don't really care anymore ...
debating with self whether to even come back next year ... i could just quit and do a pre-apprenticeship at tafe ... or just straight out go for an apprenticeship ... hmm ... friends of my dad told me about two female electricians who died while working under a house ... what lovely friends my dad has, just ... lovely ... ~rolls eyes~ ... it's a fairly well paying job tho ... and Really it's the only thing i've ever seriously considered becoming ... maybe i shouldn't have read that book, mum told me to... that's when i thought an electrician might be a good idea ... and i've stuck with it haven't i?!
~sigh~ heh, now tiz has me reading the farseer trilogy ... and then i have to read some what? two other series after that or something ... i'm losing count ... hmm... not complaining tho, they're amusing
heh, and i was going to give merri back her memory stick today, but i forgot ... sorry merri, i'll give it back someday .... -_-'
hmm... well, i think i've wasted enough time this session ... i've written quite a bit ...
see you lot next time!
location: VET
mood: bored ... so ... bored ...bored ... so ... bored ...
music: Rewrite - FMA
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whoo! starting live journal!!  
09:28pm 07/07/2006
hmm... what to write? what to write?

well i am an anime lover...
my favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist!!
i also like Naruto, Gundam Seed, Wolf's rain, FlCl, Trigun, Samurai champloo, and Orphen!!

i also love games!
any final fantasy is awesome, and i rather like kingdom hearts, jak 1,2&3 and also the .hack// games are good

i love drawing...
i am currently planning out my own comic
but i've only done like 5 pages so far...
mood: devious
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